June 29, 2023
IV International conference on Industrial Design
Media center Birthplace of innovation NUST MISIS
Design Day 2050
Industrial design is a strategic problem-solving process that influences innovation, business success and leads to a better quality of life through innovative products, systems and services.
This definition was adopted during the 29th Congress of the World Design Organization, with the support of which the National Center for Industrial Design and Innovation 2050. LAB presents IV Design Day 2050 — an event that is part of the pool of events associated with the annual celebration of International Industrial Design Day on June 29.
The organizer of the annual Design day 2050 is the National Center for Industrial Design and Innovation 2050. LAB with the strategic support of NUST MISIS. The theme of the IV International Industrial Design Conference is "Design Impact". We want to show how industrial design interacts with science, technology, what role it plays in business. We are waiting for the solemn awarding of diplomas to the first graduates of the Master's program "Industrial Design and Engineering" and the defense of projects of participants in the All-Russian Design Challenge digital design competition. We will get acquainted with the young generation of designers from the Zelenograd Palace of Creativity for Children and Youth. The guest of our event will be a professor of the School of Design & Innovation from the China Academy of art. We will meet to understand that we are a community of people who are not just watching design in action, but are part of this changing the world for the better.
  • Sergey Salikhov
    First Vice-Rector of NUST MISIS
  • Daria Topilskaya
    General Director of 2050.LAB
  • Elena Panteleeva
    Director of Development 2050.LAB, Head of the Master's Program
    "Industrial Design and Engineering" NUST MISIS
  • Evgeny Maslov
    TMH chief designer
  • Maxim Chashchin
    2050.LAB design studio director
  • Ziv Cohen
    Professor at the School of Design & Innovation, China
  • Sergey Khelmyanov
    Founder of CHE design school
  • Sergey Smirnov
    Founder of Smirnov design
  • Vladimir Shipilov
    TMH head of Industrial Design, curator of the BHSAD program on Industrial Design
  • Irina Zhdanova
    Founder of the design studio MASHTAB
Results, trends, forecasts of industrial design
Interindustry networking
Conference program
June 29, 2023
Official opening of the conference
Welcoming words from the leadership of NUST MISIS, representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the State Duma
Presentation of the study "Women in Industrial Design"
Daria Topilskaya - General Director of 2050.LAB
Sergey Smirnov - founder of Smirnov design
Solemn presentation of diplomas to the first graduates of the Master's program "Industrial
Design and Engineering"
Daria Topilskaya – General Director of 2050.LAB,
Sergey Salikhov – First Vice-Rector of NUST MISIS
Sergey Khelmyanov - founder of CHE design school
Pitch-session of students of the master's program "Industrial design and engineering"
Case session "How does design work?"
Maxim Chashchin - Director of the design studio 2050.LAB, winners of the II Open Marathon of Technical Creativity "DIZPROM"
Defense of Design Challenge projects
Blitz "Checkmate: king vs queen and 10 questions about design"
Vladimir Shipilov – Head of Industrial Design at TMH, curator of the BHSAD program on Industrial Design
Irina Zhdanova - founder of the design studio SCALE
Evgeny Maslov - TMH Chief Designer
Lecture "Designing the Tomorrow: Interdisciplinary as a platform for Innovation"
Ziv Cohen – associated professor at the School of Design&Innovation in China Academy of art
Vitaly Stavitsky - President of the Union of Designers of Russia
Design Challenge Awards Ceremony
Address: Leninsky Prospekt, 6, building 7
Further down the stairs to the entrance to the "Birthplace of Innovations" NUST MISIS.
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